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We offer the use of health equipment and services. You can purchase a block of hours, and use the equipment at your convenience.

We also offer program packages to include; supplement, drinks, exercises, health tools, and services to bring your health to a better level.

We promote balance of the mind, body, and spirit.

What We Do?

In the beautiful foot hills of the Catskill Mountains is a little piece of delight. The over a century old store has been converted into THE DESTINATION for improving your wellness.

The first floor shop offers natural herbals supplements, vegan recipes, and various essence products.

The second floor space offers wellness equipment for your use. We have a yoga/meeting room, a sauna room with showers, and an large room with equipment for your wellbeing. You can book every week or make the trip for a special respite, you will be amazed by our offerings.

Relaxing Services
Health Services
Rejuvenate Services
Nutritional Services
Cleanse Services
Workout Services
Our Services

Spa Sauna

Sweating for Detox, Loose Weight

Oxygen Aroma Therapy

Promote lung healing, breathing, and feels alert.

Light Sound Therapy

Promote various state; Relaxation, Creativity, Meditationn.

Massage Chair

Promote relaxation, relives pain, soothe muscle recovery.

Chi Machine

Improve improve spinal alignment, relives pressure.

Zapper Therapy

Imrprove immunity against bacteria, virus, parasite.

Earth Grounding Mat

Imrprove the flow of energy, and increase blood ions.

Inverted Table

Helpful to relieve stiffness, tightness, and strength the spine.

Workout Station

Improve your general health, manage weight, gives feel good aptitude.

My daughter, son and I had finally got to check this store out here in our town and I must say absolutely welcoming environment.
they are very knowledgeable, very easy to talk with. Answered any and all questions.

~ By Jennifer Budd ~

I was very happy to stumble upon this great place, Owner and staff were helpful and friendly!

~ By Christopher Cruz ~

Love this place! Very knowledgeable people in the store and very clean.
Would recommend bodi to everyone!

~ By Vivianna Brink ~

The place was so neat and staff was very polite!
I was recommended by a friend! You will not be disappointed.

~ By Jade Reeves ~

This place is really cool, with lots of stuff for health.
Customer service very nice and responsive..

~ By Paul ~
Our Programs
Detox Program
  • 20 Daily Cleanse Tea
  • 20 Detox Stack Supplements
  • --------------
  • 20 Biking HIIT 15min Session
  • 20 Trampoline 2min Session
  • 20 Sauna PEMF 60min Session
  • 20 Oxygen Aroma 20min Session
  • --------------
  • Total 90 minutes Session
  • Include Shower & Supplies
  • --------------
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Weight Loss Program
  • 30 Daily Shapeup Tea
  • 30 Shapeup Stack Supplements
  • --------------
  • 30 Grounding Mat 30min Session
  • 30 Biking HIIT 15min Session
  • 30 Days Workout 30min Equipment
  • 30 LED light 15min Session
  • 30 Sauna 30min Session
  • --------------
  • Total 120 minutes Session
  • Include Shower & Supplies
  • --------------
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Super Health Program
      • 40 Daily NuCell Tea
      • 40 Longevity Stack Supplements
      • --------------
      • 40 Zapper 30min Session
      • 40 Grounding Mat 30min Session
      • 40 Biking HIIT 15min Session
      • 40 Days Workout 15min Equipment
      • 40 Sauna 30min Session
      • 40 Oxygen Aroma 20min Session
      • --------------
      • Total 140 minutes Session
      • Include Shower & Supplies
      • --------------
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